altered art
i was speaking with the great and lovely ms. kerin gale the other day (what else is new) and she brought something to my attention.  i paraphrase: girl, you are great at starting projects but suck at finishing them.  how right she is!  after we got off the phone, a mere seven hours later (i exaggerate), i made a list of pending projects.  omfg.  i will hereby start NO new art projects until at least 68% of these are completed or thrown away.  between random art tangents and holiday gifts, i have 48 pieces in the works.  48!  who the hell starts and does not finish 48 things!?  wait, after this weekend it’s actually only 47.  THAT’s how ADD i am.

one of the things on my list was a journal project assigned to me by the gorgeous and ever so talented debbie of debrina’s diary.  the short version: we are each starting a blank journal (or rather “decorating” an existing one) and sending them back and forth to write things to each other, draw, doodle, paint, embellish, etc.  just a sweet sisterly-friend thing.  she is sweet and flowery and i think it rubbed off on me… my very first ever sewing attempt:

fabric collage blank art journal, bird, vintage flower fabric
i coffee stained the floral fabric which is a left over swatch of 50s fabric from a fashion designer web client… somehow i missed returning this little piece to them, whoops!  i swear it was not on purpose.  the sari silk on top is from the bundle patti sent me the other day and the left side lace and bottom trim is from debs.  thanks girls.  🙂  reminder: this is my FIRST sewing project so don’t make fun of me.

i cheated and started a second one (please muffle your laughs).  on the top little x-stitched on fabric piece, i will stamp “chapter two” or “part two” or something.  dunno yet.  i was going to sell it but the back few pages got ever so slightly water damaged in a dime-sized area, and, well, it’s wonky.

handmade journal, fabric collage, pocket, sewing

both of the front pieces (the red and the light blue) are pockets.  i always lose my pens so this way there is no excuse for my flightiness.  the blue fabric that i used in both is from a doll skirt from when i was little, and the red ribbon atop this one is from my favorite porcelain doll’s hat (again, from childhood — i shoved her in a box by the time i was 9 and too tough for dolls).  the gorgeous red fabric in the center is from the great and amazing lisa of mudhound primitives, as are the larger buttons on both pieces.  the whole thing is totally crooked because i sewed it while on the phone with my neck all cricked and looking at it cock-eyed.  it makes me giggle — it’s perfectly quirky, just like me.

vine and leaf stitching, journal binding, fabric collage

debs liked the vine stitching and sharpie-colored-in leaves on the other one, so i added it to the binding of this one.

we also got our tree up and decorated, which was nice.  i started celebrating christmas for my little guy ’cause how fun christmas is for a child!  we also celebrate winter solstice and have a feast and give each other hand-made gifts (i have a fuzzy skull blanket, a painting, a collage and a book to complete in one week PLUS we now have family coming for 5 days to celebrate the solstice with us, etc. so i think that means i have to make more things?!  and clean house!).

thanks to my sweet and gorgeous friend jo of the crow road, our tree is infinitely better than years previous.  she sent us three ornaments from england then sent another three she made herself!

hand made christmas ornaments, ornaments from england

i love these all so very much!  even my boys were quite excited.  thank you, sweet friend!

every year since his birth, my mum has gotten my little bug a frog ornament, AND my husby’s uncle brought us a box of husby’s grandma’s vintage glass ball ornaments last spring when he came up after her passing.  i think we need a taller tree next year.  little bug won’t let me not get one.  i’m so humbug.

frog ornament, christmas decoration, yule tree

today i only have one order to ship out (so far) and three invoices to send to web clients. the rest of the day i’m going to spend catching up on everyone’s blogs as i know i have missed so very much in the past 2+ weeks that i’ve been not really here.  plus, i’m going to be SO busy the rest of the week with 47 projects, helping to move my gram to a nursing home and having company arrive for five days on thursday, etc.  what are YOU doing this week?

more soon.  🙂  off to seth’s blog first because i’ve missed TWO secret sundays and that just kills me.  if you haven’t read it yet, go NOW!  it’s brilliant!!  (and then go peek at pulp redux again!)  ((yes, i will likely bring both of those up in every post for the next several months.  it should just be a blog post signature.))