before i start, i wanted to mention that for the rest of the year, anyone who purchases my crackled window tutorial will get two free digital collage sheets… all in the spirit of the holidays and having more to work with.  if you’ve already purchased the tutorial and didn’t get the collage sheets, send me an email and i shall send whichever two you desire.

i had visions of grandeur for this post as i’ve been sick with the flu and not blogged lately, but having said ailment, i spent much more time on my arse than making progress on anything art-related.  so, you’ll have things to look at next time.

altered art card, greeting card, vintage photos, crackle, mixed media art card

and without further ado, the winner of the accordion book, art tutorial, collage sheets and embellishment give-away is (says the husby), ms. katie! i removed names so he did NOT base his pick upon his utter adoration for this lovely lady but rather a legitimate handful of chuckles (i mean who wouldn’t laugh at a teletubby with a dildo!?).  he also said “the one about the party should at least get a digital collage sheet” so kerin, let me know which you want — great idea he had!  🙂  it feels awkward to me that husby ironically picked the only two people he’s met, so i say that jonee gets a digital collage sheet too because i laughed really hard when i read the comment.

altered art card, mixed media art card, vintage photos, crackle, greeting card, handmade

for the holidays and because web design work is sickeningly slow (i’m now officially feeling this recession bullshit), i’m going to be making things i don’t typically make due to lack of time: frameable greeting cards and christmas/solstice ornaments… like green and red skulls, and such.  😉  stay tuned.

p.s. kerin, that card has RESIN CLAY on it.  😉