nah, not really.  did you get at least a little excited though?  i don’t even think i’m actually able to breed anymore anyway.  however, this girl who i completed today obviously is!

as if that’s not detailed enough, here’s a little more for you…

(can you tell that i LOVE crackle?  is it getting old yet??  should i lay off it for awhile?)

i actually made a little frame for her too, covered in beeswax, carved and jabbed and stabbed and sliced… then did that alicia-wax-thang that i do.  i only burned myself twice, both totally mildly (AND did a little something for my pulp redux book while the wax was still hot (i lie — i did the book piece first)).

i just bought a really, really nice new camera.  that’s what the dude at the shop said.  you know what?  it sucks so bad that i had to SCAN this framed piece.  i’m so annoyed.  i’ve never had anything but a nikon before this stupid camera (that has a name that starts with a C) and i wish i didn’t allow him to talk me into this one.  but i digress.

there is even the sweetest little easel stand for this piece (or i can add a hook to the back — i’m handy like that).

(see — photo is grainy.  jerks!)

i’m putting this girl — i call her my wednesday gal for the moment since i made her today (wednesday!) — up for sale on my site tomorrow in the alicia-section.  i also have tuesday’s chica that will be going up (omg, there is a uterus in that one — do i need therapy?  or maybe i SHOULD try to have another offspring thing?  maybe and nah.)  i’m tired of camera wrestling so i’ll deal with it in the morning.  then i can finish my thursday girl.  she has no visible organs of any sort.  just a hand… but that’s not an organ.  trying to do a piece a day since i have no work and… well, you know.

oh wait, here was a part-way-through photo i took of uterus lady on tuesday.  it’s done now and looks better, but peek anyway if you dare: