a few of you know that i broke my glasses in half a week and a day ago. i can’t really read without them and as such haven’t been blogging/reading much lately and it caused me to delay posting the newest interview on the altered bits site.  let me tell you though… it was SO worth the wait because these two rock!!

introducing joanne archer and simon loach!  i’m sure most of you are already aware of this dynamic duo but you’ll get to know them even better when you read the interview.  PLEASE NOTE: the love page is no more.  everything is now under “guest artists“.  see the visual (click the tag) on the main page:

simon is a tremendous photographer with mad photoshop skills.  his photography is gorgeous and i for one will be purchasing prints.  make sure you visit his website too in order to see many more wonderful pieces of work (or “stuff” — read the interview).

joanne is amazing and i adore her and her art.  she creates wonderful dream boxes, assemblages and collages.  she is mostly drawn to using fabric, metal and paper, though you see an array of amazing found objects and mediums used in her work.  go read the interview, view the amazing art she has shared with us, then visit her blog to tell her that she is a kick-ass and tremendously talented artist.

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in other, totally unimportant and nowhere near as cool news, i’ve been working away on a few pieces and refurbishing my studio in my recent near-blindness.  (yeah, got delayed a week to get an eye appointment, and you know how they say “we’ll have your glasses in about an hour”.  they lie.  try TEN DAYS!  and i only got in this last sunday.  hmmph.)  really i’ve done more shopping than art, for a third desk, second bookcase, etc.  will be fabulous and even more organized in here soon. but i have worked on a bit.

peek at a shrine i’m working on:

a couple of gifts for a few people:

two different assemblages (peeks so small they almost don’t count):

i found my sad and lonely little brain boy box/clock that i never finished so think i shall work on him in the coming month as well.  he’s too cute not to want to play with!

and of course in my remodeling/rearranging/refurbishing i found a painting i forgot i’d started.  it’s about five feet wide and i’m not showing a peek of anything more than the bottom part of her dress (see, i said too much already!).  you’ll forget about it though by the time i post the final painting in a few years anyway.

you’re probably not reading anymore and that’s good — that probably means you’re reading joanne and simon’s interview. and if not, go there now!

lastly, please forgive me if you’ve emailed me within the last 8 or 10 days and i haven’t responded.  the lack of glasses thing is maddening.  i should have new ones in 8 or so more days and will catch up then, promise.