i have always been a huge fan of movies with or by gael garcía bernal or diego luna (y tu mamá también, motorcycle diaries, amores perros, dot the i, etc.). the other night, after the zine was finally published, i had the hugest desire to go rent a movie and chill with a beer or three.  i found one that had a cover that appealed to me so i handed it to the husby without looking at it beyond it’s pretty box. “i want this one.”  he flipped it over and laughed… “of course you do — ‘your man’ is in it”.  he’s a dork (and he’s not in it).  the movie was sin nombre and of course i knew i would adore it: twas produced by both bernal and luna.

i will just say that it was an amazing movie and you should see it if it looks at all appealing to you.  not sure how i missed it other than the fact that i never watch tv or movies or take even five minutes to relax, but it came out last year and has since won many awards (sundance film festival and edinburgh international film festival).  the cinematography was amazing, and the colors beautiful beyond words: grafiti, cemetery flowers, etc.  just beautiful.  much of the movie was filmed in chiapas, mexico, somewhere i have wished to visit for as long as i can remember, as well as honduras, another place i would love to go one day.


the whole thing got me thinking about planning a well-deserved vacation.  i felt like a kid in my brain “if i could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?”.  exactly fifty percent of that answer is in mexico: chiapas (i would volunteer for a year at schools for chiapas if i could — look at the amazing images under “photo galleries”) and la isla de las muñecas (the island of dolls).

most of you have probably already heard of isla de las muñecas but i’m slow and only first heard of it several months ago.  i will go there before i die.  here are a few photos (all three copyright Juan C. Hamparzumian of Everywhere Mag, via this post):

the island of dolls

the island of dolls

the island of dolls

it is located in xochimilco, mexico (will have to look into how far it is from chiapas).  you can read about the photographer and his story here.

it all reminds me of my last visit to mexico: cancún, isla mujeres, chichen itza, piste, tulum ruins, etc.).  the art: day of the dead shrines, sculpture, jewelry — bright amazing colors, the music, the food, the smells and amazing blue-green water… it was two of the best weeks of my life.  i had actually planned to go back for a six week backpacking ruin tour in the yucatan peninsula and south, but shablam, i found out i was pregnant right before i was going to book my flight (thankfully not after, i suppose).  for some reason it didn’t feel right going when i knew i had someone growing inside me to care for too.  weird, i know… should have gone.

this is my favorite non-colorful photo i took in mexico on the only day that it wasn’t sunny when i was last there (and it’s admittedly the only photo i have on my computer so shhh):

if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?