the initial votes are in and “the guys” (7 of ’em) have narrowed down the possible themes for the next altered bits zine.  please take a moment to vote for your favorite:

they were all weird about the love page and not able to pick one so we’ll just have to do that one later without them, i think (see a couple of blogs ago if you don’t know what i’m talking about).

the beach was once again no where near summer-like.  i asked a guy there when it last rained.  he said “just after the forth of july”.  hmm, that was the last time we were there.  here is an example of just how “lovely” it was — looking north up the coast and no, this is not photoshopped.  it really was this gray.

here is some visual proof of the rain (i had to tie my pigtails into knots to keep them from whipping me in the face):

on day two we ventured a bit east to see if we could find the perfect camp spot.  we ended up going on two long hikes in different areas of oregon before we found our spot, but it was such a lovely day.  the nahalmem river right next to where we are going camping NEXT time:

while hiking along the river, i found some wonderful rock circles that someone had left.  i couldn’t resist taking photos of them while wondering who had created them and how long before we’d made our way there they’d been waiting.

there were several salamanders too.  i almost stepped on this little guy but thankfully he was quicker than my stompy red boot and survived.  i secretly wanted to keep him — so very cute he is!  or she?  how do you tell?

after a couple of hours of truckin’ around in the woods and near the river, we ventured to a different spot about 50 miles inland and found the perfect camping spot after all.  there had been lots of bear sightings over the several days previous but we didn’t see any, thankfully.  bears are sweet and all but not when they are hungry and there is nothing but a wimpy thin piece of canvas tent material between the two of you.  we’ll probably go back in another couple of weeks since it’s pretty dang close to us — maybe a 45 minutes drive.  i love camping and could easily live in a tent… as long as i had my art supplies and laptop that never needed to be recharged.

on our last day, just after we packed up, we decided to have another long hike and tromped through the tillamook forest and along gales creek.  very lovely!  i had just said to the guys “keep your eyes open for heart-shaped rocks since i’ve still never ever in my life found one” and then i tripped.  i looked down and right before me was this!!  i was giddy with bliss.  my guys are great luck, i think.  🙂  i love the white and green around the edges.

hope you all had a fabulous and long weekend wether you got out of town or stuck around!  today i’m going to bust booty to get as much as i can get done on a piece i’m doing for an invitational shrine and reliquary exhibit coming up during the holiday season at a gallery in corvallis.  this should be fun!