bright and early tomorrow morning, i’m heading out of dodge.  (i’ve never actually been to dodge.)  camping for a few days – just a sweet jaunt to the lovely oregon coast.  if you’ll be in the area, email kerin for my number and we can go on a treasure hunt.  🙂

peek-letin the meantime, keep posting your ideas for the next zine theme and love page renaming if you feel so inspired  (see previous post).  my husby, his band mates and our son will be voting on their favorites next wednesday as they are creative yet totally unbiased, and i’ll pop up a poll so we can narrow it down later.

i know.  crappy zine peek.  i’m mean but only because i don’t want to spoil you for a few day’s time when it’s published and ready to view for real.

in the meantime, you should just beat me up for teasing you like that.

before i head out…

the sweet and wondrous kc willis has now put up her 2009/2010 workshop schedule which i am shamelessly plugging — you can check it out on her studio retreats page for más información.  the lovely joanna pierotti who i utterly adore will be teaching there too, as well as other amazing artists.  any workshops paid up-front get 20% off AND one night of their hotel free.  i’m hoping to go myself — i’m in kc’s collage camp and you should be too if you’re not already.

happy and creative weekend!