typically when i’m nearing the end of a zine cycle i have “the perfect” idea for the theme of the next issue. this time, totally clueless. so, i’m having a contest with, as of yet, totally-undetermined prizes! of course you’d get a life-time of praise and recognition, probably the first page of the zine (i say probably because, say my sweet sister submits the most utterly perfect theme — then she rocks! but she couldn’t create a piece of art to save her life, as she has claimed thousands of times — she even had childhood anxiety about art class). i’d also probably whip you up a bundle of goodies from my wee online shop… you’d get stuff. that’s the point.

soooo…. without being too obscure or intimidating, can you think of a theme for the next zine? i will either a) post a poll here, or b) have my husby pick ’cause i couldn’t handle the pressure. seriously.  it needs to be chosen by the time the black and white zine is published (first week or two of september).

very old mugshot, mental case

next, it was brought to my attention that “love” is just too damn mushy and obscure for the artist interview page of the altered bits site.  “artist interview” bores me.  so what should it be?  you pick and i’ll send you five free digital collage sheets (your pick) and whatever else i’m inspired to send after i know who you are.  again, poll or husby pick.  don’t need another ulcer.

in the spirit of “black and white” AND for a good chuckle, watch this commercial that was on last night. i wish i could do that:

happy monday!