we received a very unexpected package yesterday from my husband’s parents, a.k.a. “the best in-laws in the world”.  they were so sweet — while recently in london they picked up a bobby hat for our boy, complete with blue flashing light on top.  while in russia, they also got him the coolest russian fairytale book with the most amazing pictures and truck with coolest writing on it.  all things a six year old boy loves.

then my husband says “this is for you” and from where i was sitting, this is what i saw:

as it turns out, my rock-star pops-in-law found these two amazingly beautiful books for me in an open air market in russia a couple of weeks ago. the man who created them was a street vendor and hand dozens, i was told. i wish you could feel them — the leather is so amazingly soft, and the paper is sturdy despite looking so very delicate.

i am so in love! that was such a kind and thoughtful gift. initially, i thought one was for me and one for the husby. he looked at me like i was insane at the mere utterance of it. geeze — don’t musicians use books to write music in!? not these kinds of special books, apparently. so i get both! (they were both for me anyway.) i’m giddy!  i have to call and thank them again… and make them something special to show my huge appreciation of their wonderful gifts.

i keep forgetting to share this little tidbit too, not that it’s entirely exciting or great or anything. the super short story is husby, momz, a couple of friends said (like 500 times)  “send some of your art to this or that magazine”. i’ve always been shy and weird about my art so i said no, no, no. finally i got fed up and sent one in to one place and forgot about it. so, as it turns out it will be in the sepember 1st issue. that’s soon. and when i got a general mailing list email about it, this is what they had on their site for the preview:

recognize anything?

happy wednesday!