what a “treasureful” couple of weeks!  thank you again, seth, for such a wonderful collaboration!  i still have a couple more blog posts to peek at but it’s been such a blast to see all of the new and wonderful things i have, and to “meet” a few new people.

so, getting back to my treasure hunt from a couple of weeks ago, i really didn’t find much to speak of at the beach to be perfectly honest.  one day was lovely and stormy and although we tried to go out and hunt for goodies the sand seemed to enjoy stinging my legs and eyeballs as the 900 mile per hour winds slammed them into me.  i sound like a wimp, but seriously — would you rather be pelted by sand or go back and have nakey movie time?

visual intermission: too much text so peek at photos from my garden.

echinacea, foxglove, heliotrope, hydrangea -- my garden

what did i find?  i found a kitten for kerin, but i left it at the beach, and a weird shell and really cool rock (well, it’s pretty when wet, not as as vibrant when dry).  i found seth a rusty key and a shell that looks like a heart when opened.  i found debbie (debrina) the dumbest thing ever — a quarter.  but since she’s not in the US, she would like it more.  and a part of a claw to make up for it.  (hey, this was all left to fate!)  i found laura a claw too.  and tracey lucked out — i am not sure what type of vertibrae i found for her but it’s dang cool!!  and a shell.  i have a couple of extra claws too if anyone is interested.  i am just worried that they may not be dried out enough to send just yet.  anyway, send me your addresses if you would like your beachy-scavenger-treasure-of-fate.  i wished i found something really, really cool, like a shipwreck filled with amazing goodies, but perhaps that will be next month, when we return to the sea again.

(speaking of bones and treasure…) guess what my genius little boy did on monday!? he decided to jump down a flight of hardwood stairs at his friend’s house.  “only the seventh step” he keeps reminding me.  long story short, i got this LOVELY set of x-ray images from the radiology clinic on a shiney new CD this afternoon:

small bone fracture of a six year old arm

that boy sure does keep me on my toes.  BUT now he can be calm for a day or so and i can get back to blog treasure bliss and responding to emails AND EVEN a wee bit o’ client work. xx.