beachyfishWow, the beach trip was fabulous!  I have no photos to share because I just wanted to play the first day and by the second day we had the most amazing thunder storm and I didn’t want to get the camera soaked in the sideways rain.  It was soooo much fun though and I did happen to find a few goodies: some crab claws, which I will have to figure out how to clean before sharing, a rusty key, a bird vertebrae or some such bone, some heart-shaped shells, a piece of cool driftwood, a rusty spring (my husby found that for me) and some other stuff that doesn’t stand out on my mind at the moment.  once i get things together and clean, i’ll get addresses to share the finds.

But none of that is important right now.  Patricia Chapman, the amazing and great assemblage goddess is now the newest recipient of the Altered Bits Love.

Art Assemblage by Patricia Chapman

(Clicking this photo will do nothing -- click the one on the site instead)

Go to the Love page and read the wonderful and extremely informative interview and check out all of her fabulous assemblages and collage(s)!  There is lots to look at so make sure you have a few free moments to stay.  It was SOOO hard trying to decide where to put each image because they are all my favorites and I wanted all of them right here in your face when the page loaded.

Art Assemblage by Patricia Chapman

Okay, go, go.  I know you will love Patricia and her wonderful art and stories so hurry and peek…