kerin, the genius goddess, created an art challenge called the “mix it up challenge” on her mixed media art ning. the basic gist is that every participant listed out their favorite medium or art supply and we were later randomly paired up. we then had to create an art piece out of those two items. not surprisingly, i picked anatomical illustrations. i was paired with kim rae nugent of raven’s nest who picked driftwood. we swapped a bunch of each and created our projects.

i’m not done with my first project, a little “man” with a (surprise, surprise) anatomical illustration of a human heart with arms and nailed on/wire wrapped legs. he needs a head… will post him when i find that perfect top for him. my second piece is “birth of triplets” (my husband called it “the baby catcher”). kerin thought it looked like a uterus. i thought it looked like a vagina. either way, it was fun to create this feminine little piece:

here is a detail shot:

it was fun working with something i wouldn’t typically think to use and i look forward to finishing my first piece and a potential third for my “anatomical wood” series, thanks to kerin the great and wondrous’ fabulous idea and kim’s great wood!