i have to admit, i’ve been a very bad girl lately.  i have been arting once again, but i have not blogged nor caught up on all of my favorites in a week and a half.  i always feel guilty when i do that.  it’s all due to lack of time, not lack of interest i assure you.

for the past couple of days i’ve been focusing on my contributions to the black and white zine.  i do not want to suddenly be publishing my very own zine to discover “lo and behold, i forgot to finish MY piece!” like i did for the odd numbers zine.  that was pretty sad… and of course here sits my “1 branch, 1 nest, 1 bird, 1 egg, 1 something else = 5″ piece.  someday i will.  it’s one of the itsy bitsy peeks i gave recently so now i have to finish it.

speaking of peeks, here are some little snippets of proof that i have actually been doing something lately.  the first is a series of two pieces that will be framed together (unless i change my mind and add the third piece i’m threatening myself to do, in which case they may not fit in the aforementioned frame i had designated for them).

next is the tiniest little snip-let of a corner of the other piece i’m doing which will likely not even look like this once i’m done due to my kazillion layers habit, but see — it’s black and white!  or at least black and gray:

this one is on canvas, the edges being done long before the front (silly, i know).  these are actually enlargeable if you wished to see a tad more detail:

they are covered in lace and crackle medium, lots of layers of paint and of course antique brass taxidermy tacks.

ohoh, in perfect time to brighten up my post, my boys just returned home with the most lovely wild flowers for me with “i love you mama!”s and “i love you wife!”s. i’m a lucky girl indeed!