i think i’m going on week three of my serious multiple art personality disorder. i keep stopping something to start something else and setting it aside before i complete that one and starting yet another. does anyone have a solution for me? it’s getting a bit maddening. i’m currently most obsessive about my “little brain boy clock”. i haven’t finished even his head, but here is a TINY sneak peek (mostly for kerin). his face isn’t done and his brain is way too pink, as you can see — it’s just the undercoat so don’t you fret. okay, here’s the truth: i got drunk last night, which is a SERIOUS rarity and, um, yeah — apparently i paint better sober. but he can easily be fixed. once he is, he’s going on top of a box, which will have a clock on its front and inside is an arm that i think will hold a secret book. i’m currently hunting for feet for the box — claw feet? something else? dunno until i find them i guess.

altered doll head with brain, mixed media art clock, box, secret book

as if i weren’t busy enough as it was, i had five babies this week. or rather my kitty did. i had found her as a tiny stray baby late last fall/early this winter. she could have fit in the palm of my hand she was so tiny and young. fast forward a couple of months, we go to get her (and her feral brother) fixed, and shablam, she’s already pregnant. i had NO idea that little girl kitties could get knocked up as early as four months of age. anyway, she had five babies.

five newborn kitties nursing on mama kitty

i have tiny hands so imagine how little they are:

3 day old kitten

moving on to superior and significantly more important things…

kerin’s ning is how open: mixed media art. if you’re an artist who likes to meet people, share techniques and ideas, etc., you should go join. now. it’s only been “open” for a week and i’ve already met so many wonderful artists and new friends.

mixed media art, artist group, ning, workshops

this is how she puts it on the main page of the group: Welcome you who love art of all kinds and discovering amazing new techniques and sharing our love of art! The Carnivale has arrived with wondrous workshops, free tutorials for one and all, side shows with discussions on fun and creative things, a professional development troupe, tips & tricks, artistic challenges, trade secrets, interviews, blogging, support & encouragement, calls for entries, and scheduled chats. Who knows what else will end up on here!

and with that, i will go work on the brain. oh, and you’d be pleased to know that i spent a good five hours working on the zine today. it’s going to rock (in my opinion). i’m still accepting entries until the 1st.