yikes! is is almost may 15th!? issue two of the altered bits art zine is supposed to come out that day and i’m the one that’s supposed to ensure that happens. this issues theme: odd numbers. this is going to rock! i’ve gotten several amazing submissions but sadly i may have to delay its release for a week or two. of course this gives people more time to submit things (kerin!). just kidding, lady — i know you’re busy.

odd numbers, even numbers, altered bits, zine, mixed media, collage, altered art

it’s been a crazy week around here! i have an art thingy next weekend and have been scrambling to create ten+ new pieces to have there along with a few other newish pieces and some of my prints i recently posted for sale. yeah, right.  a bit overly ambitious i’d say to come up with ten pieces in less than a week!?

my weekend was sweetly interrupted with heaps of fun mother’s day adventures and surprises. after a delightful breakfast in bed of yogurt and 89 different kinds of fruit, i got a gorgeous card from my six year old and a hand-picked bouquet, and a second bouquet of organic tulips from my husband. those boys know how to make me smile.

mothers day flowers and hand made card

the inside of the card made me weepy ’cause it was just too dang sweet:

mothers day card from my son

ah, and i got one of my favorite beers from the husby as well. i thought it rather comical that it was a mother’s day gift and not a general weekend blessing (is beer a blessing? yep!) considering it’s proclamation on the front of the bottle:

arrogant bastard ale

they later took me out to brunch, to coffee, to my favorite antique store (wait until you see what i got!) and all around town. i was so excited i wore black and white striped knee-highs, pigtails and a petticoat. (seriously — i have a picture to prove it.) shameless off-topic plug: if you’re in or near portland, go to the radio room. they are now serving amazingly tasty yet super inexpensive brunch and it kicks ass. drink a berry bubbly for me – tasty treat!

happy belated mother’s day to all of you beautiful mamas! i hope you had as marvelous a day as i had. this is for you — our rose bush bloomed its first blossom (blossomed its first bloom?) on mother’s say morning:

arrogant bastard ale

i should go drink my bastard now and finish some of these dolls, assemblages, collages and paintings. i’m having way too much fun with them to decide what to work on now though… the doll with a hat that looks like a brain that i made out of paper clay? the 22″ mixed media bird and numbers piece? the evil clown baby doll head piece? or perhaps the sweet and potentially pretty flowery encaustic piece i can’t seem to finish? i have multiple-arty-personality disorder this week.