i was really good at taking my photos on may 1st for part two of the disintegration project but have slacked in posting them. the truth of the matter is that is was an insanely gorgeous weekend which is a rarity in portland during april and i got distracted planting peas and beans and basil and corn and tomatoes and carrots and radishes (even though i think they are gross) and peppers and… you get the picture. i also built 45 feet worth of a 55 foot fence on thursday and weeded about 55 gallons of blackberry bushes. it’s been a fabulous four days in the yard.

anyway, to my point regarding seth apter’s disintegration project (of the altered page)…

the last time i’d checked on this bundle (my then five-year-old son designed it, as a reminder) it appeared to be a pile of mush in the grass. with all the new sun kissing it dry, it doesn’t look too bad. in a way it’s a bit sad, but it’s still super brittle and some of the metal bits are beginning to rust.

here you can see it a tad bit better on a huge bag of compost:

the other bundle looks way too untouched, sans the fetus shaped piece of sun bleached paper:

to make up for “her” pristine-ness, i’ve opted to bury her for another 30 days. i thought that right next to this pretty little flower in a particularly wormy place would be good. let us hope she looks more disintegrated in thirty days’ time.

part two (or part three depending upon how you look at it) will transpire on august 1st. most of you are totally aware of what that means. i’m so very excited!.  seth rocks. 🙂

to view more “reveals”, go to the altered page and look on seth’s side bar. there is so much eyecandy to gaze upon!