Today is a great day! I finally received my two ATCs, mail art and goodies from my new friend Debrina. I have been waiting until I received my package from her to post about this so as not to give anything away.

See what I received from her:

(I have skillfully removed my address to avoid attracting any new stalkers.)

I love the ATCs and all the bits and goodies she put in: a coin from New Zealand (I should have done that too!), postage stamp, lots of little images, a playing card, some fabulous metal leaves, fibers, vintage lace, stickers and all kinds of yummies. I adore her hand-illustrated envelope — she did a fabulous job on it! I’ll definitely have to get busy using these bits. It had been a super long time since I’d done any swaps or created ATCs for anyone. These are what I sent her:

The envelope got too stuffed so I had to put this and all goodies into a larger vellum envelope. I suppose that was a good thing since the post people covered almost the whole thing with customs forms and stamps. ๐Ÿ™‚

I forgot to take a photo of the goodies, but here are the two ATCs I sent her:

(the weird bottom thing is sewn on metal with bees wax and paint in its cracks over a piece of painted old cheese cloth)


(i’m no wire worker — ha. tried to fashion a bird cage and know it doesn’t look like anyone older than my 6 year old created it but it was fun!)

Yesterday I sent off Deryn’s package of 3 ATCs and extra goodies. I hope I get hers soon as I’ve been ban from reading her blog until I receive her package… unless I wish to “ruin” the surprise. I like surprises so I’ve opted to wait.