i had a dream last night that i was doing a mixed media piece based on one of the gorgeous views i was lucky enough to witness yesterday so today i did just that.

my husband’s uncle is in town and as such, we decided to venture out and show him some sights. we went to multnomah falls and had a nice hike, then to crown point (i love the columbia gorge!). while at the vista house on crown point, i took this photo:

and here is my tiny little “artistic” rendition of the view:

i took several photos while hiking about, my favorite being one of my little cave boy. i had just taken a photo of one of the higher waterfalls and not only did i get soaked but my camera suffered as well. i hadn’t noticed until after i took this photo which is all watery around the edges (here he’s hiding in a sasquatch cave, he claims):

when we got home from our long day of venturing out into the world we came home to dye easter eggs. we practiced with several natural colours and i have to say that beet juice is the best natural easter egg dye (coffee did not turn out so hot, and grape juice is second best). he wanted it to look “cool like some of my paper” so we added some herbs for texture — i dig the paper towel marks that were left while they dried:

let me know if any of you have any suggestions for natural easter egg coloring for next year.