i think it’s confirmed… this week seems to be altered baby week. i have created several.

earlier this week i did my doll from joAnnA Pierotti‘s bella art doll workshop at mosshillstudioworkshops.ning.com. i’m not entirely done as i have quite a bit to add to the base and i’m not entirely satisfied with her dress, but here you can see her head and sweet hair:

today, i finished my little artifact altered doll assemblage. i haven’t told kerin yet but i secretly borrowed her time capsule (which i love and adore and would gladly accept for an april fool’s gift… mom!) to travel back to an archeological dig site in the year of 1834.  i cannot, at this time, share the location because the legality issues associated with my removal of this item could cause me some significant repercussions, even 175 years later.  anyway, this little girl was the fifth item found that day and i was the lucky discoverer. anyway, i decided to make a little altered doll assemblage out of her with a nowhere near as old but still vintage 5 house number and an old piece of a hinge for the base.

artifact 5:

side view:

mini-facelastly, i’m working on another little piece that kind of resembles a dead baby but isn’t so morbid.  i’ll just put a teeny tiny photo here for a miniature glimpse.  i think that i will make her into something happy and joyous, like a clown. or an evil bunny. it’s only a face, not an entire head, so i’m putting her on this large oval canvas… and i’ll figure out the rest later.

am i having baby urges or something?  i should go play with wax for the rest of the week or something.