Seth Apter of The Altered Page recently started The Disintegration Collaboration which he was inspired to do by the natural evolution of time.  You can read about it here and here — and check out his site for several photos of other people’s contributions to his wonderful project.

I was very excited to participate in his project and even more exiting (to me) was the fact that my five-year-old son was very interested as well. Being the good mama that I am, I let him take charge and this is what he created with very little help from me:

finn's disintigration scroll

finn's disintegration scroll

Right away he said he wanted to to an Asian scroll so we hunted for things that he felt would be a good fit and he told me how he wanted the pieces assembled.  We hung it on a particularly windy day from the Asian Pear tree in the back corner of our yard which seemed the most perfect place about a week and a half ago.  It’s already looking fabulously worn by nature but I will wait to post “after” photos at a later date.  I’ll be working on my piece in the next couple of days and will post photos of it here.

You can also see Kerin’s amazingly beautiful contribution on her blog post: Designing for Decay.